100 Romanian Figures

In the Great Union Centennial Year of Romania, Athénée Palace Bucharest becomes the meeting place of Romania's most emblematic figures.

Exceptional Romanians at Athénée Palace Bucharest

During its 100-year reign as the sovereign of hospitality in Bucharest, Athénée Palace has been a witness or contemporary of grand historical events, such as the Great Union of 1918. Over the time, the hotel has retained its distinctive character, combining classical qualities with modern values, thus becoming a historical and cultural landmark of Bucharest.

On the occasion of the project “100 de chipuri” (100 figures), the hotel becomes the meeting venue of remarkable Romanian personalities, models of dedication and passion whom we all admire. In this hotel that carries traces of famous names in history, let’s go back in time and discover how, through a photographic technique used a century ago (wet plate collodion), today’s most important and influential Romanians become the subject of a visual heritage that will remain in history for another 100 years.

As we celebrate the Centennial Year of the Great Union of Romanian Principalities of 1918, we invite you at Athénée Palace Bucharest to discover 100 of the most important Romanian figures of the present, photographed in the hotel’s lobby by Radu Chindris, using the same technique as a century ago.

Figures of the Centennial Year

Role models, symbols of passion and dedication, examples of perseverance and commitment: we invite you to discover some of the finest figures of contemporary Romania photographed in the lobby of Athénée Palace Bucharest hotel, using a 100-year old photographic technique.

Dedicated Gastronomy

On the occasion of Romania’s Great Union Centennial Year, the chefs of Athénée Palace Bucharest craft fine culinary creations dedicated to the illustrious figures included in the “100 de chipuri” project. We invite you to discover and taste these special dishes throughout 2018 in the hotel's restaurants.